3rd Nov 2016

As I am sure you have been made aware, level 3 water restrictions have now been implemented across South Africa.

Keeping this in mind, there are a few reasons to feel good about if you have an EcoPool or are considering one:

1. It is indeed possible to install a pool cover over your SwimZone. This may detract from the aesthetic of the pool, but doing so allows you to legally continue filling your pool with a hose pipe. Please also switch off your automatic filler if you have one. The cover will not adversely affect the plants or biological filter. The plants themselves will shade the EcoZone, cooling the water in the heat of the day and reducing evaporation.

2. Vacuuming or using a creepy crawley is not absolutely necessary in an EcoPool. This is simply to remove sediment and EcoPools can wait until wetter weather returns. This is a significant water saving. If you do feel the need to vacuum the pool, backwashed water can be used to directly irrigate trees, shrubs and lawns. The sediment and waste water being vacuumed out is a great fertilizer and will ultimately benefit your garden more than standard municipal water.

3. Many people's gardens will wither in the dryness of this Summer. Since pools need to be kept full anyway to prevent damage, your EcoPool will provide a refreshing piece of lush landscaping without having to irrigate the rest of your property. The EcoPool becomes an oasis of life in these harsh times - both to you and your family and the animals living in your area.

4. Rethink your showering routine. If you are looking for an alternative to watching your shower water drain away day after day, why not take a quick dip in your EcoPool? Any debris that are washed off your skin and out of your hair will be caught in the biological filter that will break this down into nutrients that the plants will be happy to feed on.

5. We may find ourselves in the position where water "shedding" comes into play. Keeping your EcoPool running through these times ensures that you have thousands of liters of potable, drinkable water when you need it most.

For more information on what these water restricitons mean to all of us, please see the link below:


In expectation of the drought, and as a natural extension of our Bioengineering research, EcoPools have developed a natural grey-water processing system. The use of biological filtration and a planted ecosystem means that, as opposed to many other available grey water systems, the EcoPools system can store grey water almost indefinitely. The system significantly improves water quality so that delicate plants will not suffer and irrigation systems will not block up. With an additional clarification filter, the water can be cleared and deodorised for use in toilets. What separates the EcoPools system from other treatment wetland systems is that they cannot block up.

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