EcoPools was founded by Dr. Jerome Davis. Dr Davis has been involved with the aquatic world since 1983 when he worked on a fish farming kibbutz in Israel. Since then Dr davis has been working in the field of commerical and scientific aquaculture around the world for the last 30 years. Dr Davis holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Science (Natal), an Honours Degree in Ichthyology (Rhodes), an MSc in Aquaculture (Rhodes) and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering (Royal University of Gent, Belgium).


In 2006, when back in South Africa after a year in Malawi doing research on farming fish in the lake, Dr. Davis was approached by Helen Altman to please help her with her pool in Hout Bay. She was fed up with using so much electricity, chemicals and never having a clean pool no matter how she tried. Initially the idea was to turn the pool into a fish pond. Drawing on  many years of experience with biological filtration for large scale aquaculture, he started to think about the application of these principles to filter the pool water for people. The project was succesful and soon afterwards, Helen's neigbour wanted to convert her pool too and so on...

The potential of EcoPools appealed strongly to passions in Dr Davis that commercial aquaculture could not satisfy: his passion for people, the environment, application of Biological Engineering in an everyday practical sphere, permaculture, sustainable living, and artistic creativity (using nature as a medium for sculpting living artworks).

The resulting company is the culmination of all this, and more importantly maybe, the people who have been drawn into this passion for what is really an amazing product whose time has arrived.

The company has grown organically - on the same principles as the way our pool ecosystems grow. There is an intelligence in nature that when given the correct parameters simply continues evolving and diversifying. EcoPools is now an international brand that is growing strongly because there is something in the way we are that touches something biological in them. 

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