EcoPools offer a wonderful pallette of materials, colours and shapes to work with. Conventional pools can only really vary with shape, or the colour of fiberglass or choice of coping. EcoPools add the beauty and diversity of nature and all that brings with it. Plant shapes, colours and textures; rock, wood and natural edgings; seeps, waterfalls and streams. At EcoPools we do everything naturally. We do not use artificial rocks or try to make the man-made look natural. When we recreate nature we do so in minute detail, and when we create architectural effects, we do so with boldness and no excuses.

EcoPools is a company that architects and landscapers love to work with. This is because we can biologically engineer a system to suit their design vision. Sometimes this challenges us, but often the result is something fresh and incredible. Some of our most elegant solutions have been created from the demand of an architect who is pushing the envelope. We relish the challenge and often work in partnership with engineers and artists to create a finished product that challenges convention.

We love to create designs for our clients and we pride ourselves on our eye for it, but we are also very open to co-creating. In this way we have won international awards for our EcoPools.

Separating the plants from the swimming zone

The plants in EcoPools are always separated from the swimming zone. There are two basic designs for this: dividing walls beneath the water surface and above. The former lends the EcoPool a more natural feel and the experience of swimming closer to the plants. It is a wonderful experience when swimming to let the eye follow the surface of the water until it encounters the plants surfacing. In this way you can get eye to eye with the resident frog. The latter gives the opportunity for creating a water garden completely separate from the pool which can exists on its own as a feature.

The choice between the two is personal and is often guided by the topography of the site or the preference of the client. Often it is nature that decides. We try to design pools that fit, that look as if they were designed to be there. For example, if there are mountains and hills in the area, then a raised water feature can feel appropriate. When placing rocks we often look at surrounding geolocial features to guide us. If we are building in a suburb, then perhaps water welling up from a recreated seep or issuing from a crack in the brickwork is better. It all happens as a deliciously inspiring creative process: it's the fun part.

Instinct for design

There is a built-in awareness of feng shui in all of us. All we need to do is listen to what we already know. Most of us feel right when our bed is facing the right way or the light comes in a window just so. It is the same when designing pools. Where is the view? How does the light refract off the water? Where would the water body be in the garden if it were in the wilderness? Our experience and our knowledge help our clients to envision the pool and to guide them to the design they know is what they desire.

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