The water in EcoPools needs to be contained in a shell. There are usually two parts to the shell: the swimming zone and what we call the ecosystem. Shells can be built from a variety of materials and the choice of material depends on a number of considerations: cost, aesthetics, soil conditions, environmental responsibility.

As engineers, we will take on any project and material type: give us a challenge and we will thrive on it.


Steel and concrete is still used to build shells where liners are impractical. Concrete has its advantages in that it can be moulded to almost any shape. It is also easier to install in wet conditions or where there is a lot of groundwater. The disadvantages of concrete are that it is expensive and it is the least environmentally friendly way to build.


We have a dual shell splash pool design that allows for ease of installation. The SwimZone is 2.4m by 1.2m, as is the EcoZone. The splash pool is easy to install and made from quality materials.


Environmentally, liners are the most conscientious way to build and are therefore our most popular building method. We use two different types of liners: PVC - which can either be virgin material or recycled from old advertising banners - or rubber. Further advantages of the rubber liner is that it is grown from trees and so the raw material is a renewable resource. Our rubber liners are very durable, guaranteed for 30 years and will last for hundreds, the way we install them. Our liners stretch to 300 times their length without tearing!

Biological Liners

We are developing a cellulose matrix liner which acts as a structural framework for bacterial and fungal organisms to attach to, creating a living waterproof shell. The idea was gleaned from rural African aquaculture projects where cabbage or banana leaves are used to line ponds.

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