Love My Pool


"I had an old concrete and fiberglass pool that I was fed up with. It leaked, it needed huge amounts of chemicals which were seeping into the garden, I hated the feeling of pouring money and chemicals away endlessly. Because of the chemicals I really didn't enjoy swimming that much anyway. The pool was always dirty and so I never used it. My original plan was to fill it in... and then I met Jerome.

Now I absolutely adore my pool. I swim all the time. I dont have to add chemicals, it no longer leaks and it is a constant source of fascination to me. I abosultely love my natural pool. The first thing I do every morning, is to go see what new life has appeared overnight: a new flower, a dragon fly, a frog, a crab, even a turtle once. In summer I swim every day to keep my hair soft. I have stopped using conditioners.

Unfortunately I am moving away soon out of town and I am heartbroken to leave the pool. But as soon as I have settled in to my new place, the first thing I will do is ask EcoPools to come and put in a new EcoPool."

Helen Altman, Hout Bay - 2007


High Standards


“I wouldn’t swim in anything less.”

Kitty Cooper, Greenpoint - 2008


 A Bit of Bubbly

“It was Bob’s birthday last Saturday night. Everybody was drinking champaigne. Bob drank nothing but water from the new EcoPool. Every time his glass was empty, he would refill it from the pool. Needless to say, Bob felt a lot better than the rest of us the next morning.”

Ruth Mesarcik, Constantia - 2009


5 Years In

“We have had the pond/pool for almost 5 years now. It was a rectangular swimming pool which Jerome converted into a fresh water pond. It is on EcoPools web page - called Tarragona Estates.

We have had no problems with the pool itself - the only problem was with an existing rock over which we wanted the water to flow - and the water kept seeping away. The pool never has algae and is clear all the time. We do have a lot of plants - and that does help prevent algae. The pool very much does it's own thing - winter and summer, and only when the wind has been howling  - then I need to clear the leaves out - but I do check the filter box every other day, and clean the filters about every 4 to 6 weeks.

The quality of the water is amazing and eyes and body feel great after a dip. No problems at all.

I would only really caution people about what plants the put in as some of them do take over - which requires extra weeding - therefore work - but EcoPools should be able to advise you on that.

I would highly recommend a natural pool to everybody and EcoPools have been amazing with the installation (conversion) and maintenance. I certainly recommend them.”

Nana Staelblom, Tarragona Estate  - June 2012


 A Garden Sanctuary

"When we first started out with this project, we knew more about what we didn't want than what we wanted.  We knew we didn't want a blue sterile pool and we didn't want chemicals in our garden.

What we ended up with is far more than we anticipated.  Building the pool was an entirely enjoyable process. We now not only have a clear, fresh water pool to swim in but an amazing sanctuary in the garden. A truly living system where beautiful plants grow, animals and birds visit and dragon flies have made the pool their home.  The pool maintenance is a pleasure, where our young kids get involved in 'weeding' the pool.  The pool has all the aspects of nurturing, caring for and protecting a truly unique system. Thanks Jerome."

Lauren & James Norval, Knysyna - August 2010


There's A Miracle On My Stoep

"Our pool is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We cannot believe that such an amazing miracle of nature is possible, never mind on our stoep. Thank you."

Tanja Hichert, Somerset West - November 2011


And the Winner Is...

"If there was a nobel prize for swimming pools, mine would be a winner."

Carl Wesserlink, Rosebank - October 2011


On Second Thought

"I read your newsletter and was thinking: this is a bit over the top. But then I thought about it and realised: 'Hold on, I do love my pool – I stare at it for hours a day - and my pool does love me!'"

Carl Wesserlink, Rosebank 2012


Love the Feedback

"I am looking forward to loving my pool and my pool loving me"

Hein enselin, Hartebeespoort Dam - 2013



"A glorious swim. We are so enjoying the experience. The only alternative swim is the sea!"

Janina, Durban - October 2011 


Pools Are Like People

"I realised that the pool is complete and whole living organism, just like a human being. Thank you for the enlightenment."

 Van Heinsbergen, Hout Bay - October 2011 


Pat On The Back

Barry: "The pool is perfect. You owe yourselves a pat on the back."

Barry’s son, Andrew: "We mix the water from the pool with our whiskey."

 Barry Cleveland - November 2011 


Still Patting...

The pool just carries on going with very little effort on our part. It is always perfectl clear and clean. We love using it all the time.

Barry Cleveland - October 2014


Crystal Clear (With Creatures)

"What we didn’t bargain on was creating a raucous toad brothel."

Marion Naude, Napier - October 2012


More Than We Bargained For

“The water is crystal clear. The 'feel' for swimming is fantastic - it's much softer on the skin. The growth in the [ecosystem] is beautiful. During summer the ponds are quickly populated by small creatures who play a part in the system. There are no mosquitoes. It is all fascinating to observe.

Jan and Sheila Hofmeyer, Hout Bay- November 2011



Hi Guys, just to show you how stunning the finished product is, of your amazing pool. Awesome, well done.

Mike Davis Hout Bay November 2012 by Email - November 2012


Beautiful noise

I love my pool, and have some beautiful visitors - awsome blue dragonflies, and sometimes red ones.  We also have more birds than before, but the most amazing at present is the singing (yip I know it's croaking) of the frogs at night.  We've always heard them, and every so often see one in the garden, but now they are an awesome nightly chorus. I know mine is probably one of the smallest of your creations, but everyone is welcome to come to check it out (and listen).

Fiona Quartermain, Tamboerskloof - October 2012


Natural skin

Europeans are loving the pool. One German guy told Aubrey this week after a swim, that he does not shower so that the feeling of the water lingers all day. How about that!

Tisha Cummings, Angala Boutique Hotel -  February 2013



Ze Pool is clear, it is beautiful, it is absolutely perfect. Perfect. The pool is great! It is such a pleasure to enjoy the water and the plants growing. I recommend having an EcoPool to many people. And very good service.

Frederic Dauboin, Malmesbury (perfectionist) - October 2014


Beware: Hippos swimming 

We are in the pool so much that the family is now known as the Hippo Higginses. We call the pool the "Hippo Hole".

Philippa and John Higgins,  Rosebank - August 2014 (Feedback given on meeting on the snake bridge in Kirstenbosch).


All a twitching

The pool is only about a month old but already we are starting to see birds we have never seen in the garden for the last 10 years: masked weavers and bee eaters. We are very excited.

Troy Buttress, Durbanville - October 2014


How much beauty can you take?

The pool is insanely stunning.

Sascha Berosky, Greenpoint - September 2014


Only two things are certain in this world: Love and Change

We just love the pool! We’ve been meaning to send you photos for some time, but there always seems to be a reason to wait because something else is developing.

George Swingler, Tokai - November 2014


Beyond Expectations

I am delighted with the end result. It has met and exceeded my expectations of having a natural "rock" pool in the garden. All agree that swimming in natural water is an exhilirating experience.

John Green, Tokai - April 2015



It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Vivien Horler, Lakeside - August 2015

 Soft and Wild

Munga is the perfect place to experience the thrill of sleeping in an African rammed earth mud hut, with thatched roof, without forfeiting Western comforts. The chalets are beautiful and offer lots of privacy, each with its own courtyard and space to relax. The bed is large and comfortable, with mosquito nets, and there is an indoor bath and outdoor shower. The eco-pool is one of the nicest I have ever swam in - cleaned by natural means rather than with chemicals, through the use of water lilies, which leaves the skin feeling soft rather than damaged afterwards.
Hanna B, Dublin, South Africa - October 2015


Nothing better to do...

I have always been a swimmer and over time have swum in every kind of body of water imaginable. Lakes, the farm dam, rivers, rock pools, warm oceans, cold oceans and many, many pools. Inflatable pools, those big, blobby blue stand-on-the-ground pools, chlorinated pools, tidal pools, fibreglass pools, the school pool, Olympic size pools, fancy hotel pools, indoor pools, heated pools and since moving into our new house, an ecopool that Jerome built. No other swimming experience comes close. Swimming in our pool with plants all around, the frog choir on standby and the soft, clear water on your skin is absolutely blissful. It really is unlike any pool I have ever swum in and if I didn’t have a life to run, I would probably stay in there all day.

CJessica Heynis, Oranjezich - October 2015


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