We are a Bioengineering company. Our director, Dr Davis holds a PhD in Bioengineering from Gent University in Belgium.

As opposed to Structural Engineers who work with steel and concrete, or Electrical Engineers who work with power, Biological Engineers work with living organisms.

If biomimicry is the popularised theory of looking to nature for practical solutions, Bioengineers are the people who design the mechanism which make the theories work. Whereas most natural swimming pool companies use a single technology or system that they repeat for every pool, we biologically engineer each and every system to suit the environmental, aesthetic and budgetary parameters that it requires. Because of this, we are extremely flexible in what we offer and have designed many different ways of creating EcoPools. We export our bioengineered systems to Europe, the Americas and the rest of Africa.

The biological design process starts with a thorough understanding of the aesthetic requirements of the client. We can realise any aesthetic dream by applying the correct biological design. We then design around the budget that the client has available so that we can tailor our approach accordingly.

Next we consider all the relevant environmental factors that affect EcoPools: sunlight, wind, soils, surrounding vegetation and microclimates. An important element is water quality. We use our  laboratories in Europe who are capable of much greater degrees of accuracy than local labs are.

Once all this data has been crunched, we design the shell, reticulation, filter beds and planting diversity to give the client a tailor-made, unique system that works entirely on sound biological principles.

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