Who We Are

EcoPools creates ecosystems around our clients. Because we are Bioengineers, we have an in-depth understanding of how aquatic ecosystems work. We are not just installers of a product. Whereas many companies have a system that they simply repeat time and time again, our speciality is understanding the water and the environment and tailor making a solution around our clients: their aesthetics, their budget, their climate, their lifestyle. We like to interact with everyone during the design process as much as possible. We like our ideas to grow, just like our ecosystems.


IOB (International Organisation for Natural Swimming Waters)

We are the founding members for the IOBSA. We invite all builders of Natural Swimming Pools in South Africa and anyone who has an interest in becoming a member to contact us so that we can facilitate your membership to this international governing body for our industry. For companies to join the IOBSA, they need to have constructed at least 6 natural swimming pools which do not use any artificial water purification or steralisation agents including Chlorine, heavy metals, Ultrasound, Ozone or any other method which destroys life. As representatives of the IOB in Africa, we will inspect these pools and if they qualify, members will be able to participate in the drafting of South African policy and procedures for EcoPools in South Africa. Please look here for more information on the IOB.


Toad Nuts

We work with this NGO to help provide habitat for the endangered Cape Leopard Toad. For more information, please go to the Toad Nuts website. At EcoPools we are a bit crazy about frogs. We have recorded over 30 species in our pools and the tadpoles do a fatastic job of keeping things clean. With an EcoPool in the garden, the number of predators increases significantly. We encourage all EcoPool owners to report frogs that appear in their pools so we can build up a database of species for SAFAP.

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